Drive Student Involvement with Promotional Items


With each new fall semester, colleges and universities have a new opportunity to promote student involvement in campus-based clubs and other student activities. Whether it’s advertising an upcoming production by the theater club or encouraging residents to take a bigger interest in student government, promotional items like shirts, water bottles, or sunglasses can serve as effective tools for driving engagement.

Here are a few ways that colleges and universities can leverage promotional items.

Stand Out at Club Day

For colleges and universities, Club Day is a time-honored tradition that marks the beginning of a new semester. With every club and organization spread out among a sea of tables in the gymnasium for incoming freshmen and returning upperclassmen alike to see, a campus-wide club day is an excellent chance for groups to put their best foot forward and grow their membership.

But all that opportunity raises a crucial question: how do you stand out? Answer? Promotional products!

Like any trade show, promotional swag is a great way to drive foot traffic to a display table. The draw of popular items like frisbees and koozies creates an opportunity for conversation between a potential club member and current ones. It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that a well employed promotional item can be the introduction that kicks off four years of life-changing experiences and relationships.

Promote Events

With Generation Z moving away from legacy social media platforms like Facebook, old fashioned methods of event promotion like posters, newsletters, and newspaper ads are poised to make a comeback on college campuses in the coming years.

However effective, these avenues do have one crucial drawback: an exceptionally short shelf life.

While posters fall or get torn off the walls and newspapers can quickly end up in the trash, useful promotional items like pens and ear buds can serve as effective advertisements for their entire product lifetime. With branded daily use items that detail meeting times and locations for clubs and organizations, enduring advertisements will remain at the literal fingertips of your student body.

Improve Campus safety

Fostering a campus community that promotes education and engagement must begin and end with creating a safe learning environment for students. Whether it’s apparel with dayglow coloring that makes pedestrian students easier to spot at night, or keychains or other pocket size swag printed with contact information for campus safety and wellness resources, promotional items offer a host of benefits that can contribute to campus safety.

While promotional swag is no substitute for university security personnel, items geared toward safety can be an additional layer of protection for any campus community.


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