Increase Brand Loyalty through Custom T-shirts and Personalized Apparel


There are many advantages to providing consumers with custom T-shirts and other branded clothing at tradeshows, free giveaways, and other promotional events. These advantages include:

Cost Effectiveness

Custom branded clothing has a lower cost of production when compared to other forms of advertising like TV and radio. By investing in custom clothing, you are creating walking advertisements for your brand. In addition to this, clothing has a longer shelf-life than other forms of advertising, gaining you greater visibility than other channels.

Create Talking Points

Unique slogans and creative designs make for great talking points among consumers. Have you ever heard anyone in public comment, “That shirt is awesome! Where did you get it?” or something similar? This is because a great slogan on a custom T-shirt will likely stir up comments from the wearer’s peers, building brand awareness. While many other forms of advertising may be entertaining in the same way, clothing is one of the only forms that can effectively get people talking about your brand in day-to-day conversations. T-shirts, for example, often remain visible to others for longer than 30 seconds, unlike a TV commercial, and have a one-time production fee.

Build Trust

Consumers these days are savvy of advertisements, they know when someone is trying to sell them something. Clothing, however, offers a much more trustworthy source of brand awareness. This is due to word-of-mouth marketing, which is when customers spread brand awareness simply by talking about, and recommending, your brand to others.

Consumers are more likely to trust word-of-mouth advertising than other forms. The word of peers who love your brand goes much farther than other forms of advertising. Oftentimes, if a person chooses to wear branded clothing, it is because they are a fan of the business’s products/services and will recommend your products/services to others. This form of brand awareness can have a greater impact than other forms of advertisements.

From the Corporate Side

Providing your workforce with custom apparel also has a variety of benefits:

Build a Team Environment

Businesses thrive best when their workforces have a strong sense of belonging to a team. Providing uniforms and custom work attire creates a team environment among employees. When employees are dressed like they are united, they begin to feel, and even function, more like a team unit.

Offering employees branded clothing is also a great way to bring employees together because it shows you care. Many businesses require employees to go out and buy a uniform on their own dime which is why custom apparel goes farther in enhancing an employee’s opinion of their workplace.

Enhanced Professionalism

A workforce dressed in uniform has a more professional appeal than a workforce that wears casual attire. Many customers like to see this in a business, it is professional to dress in identifiable, branded clothing and makes it easy to differentiate between staff and other customers.

Off-The-Clock Advertising

A well-designed work uniform, such as a comfortable T-shirt or sweatshirt, encourages employees to wear the brand off-the-clock, spreading additional awareness. Style and design are also key here as branded clothing presents a great opportunity to showcase your company’s creativity.


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