Leveraging Print Marketing in your Digital Strategy


To paraphrase the great Cyndi Lauper: social media did not kill the print marketing star — they merely teamed up to take the marketing world by storm.

Social media advertising has become the standard fare for brands looking to promote themselves. In contrast, there’s emerging evidence to suggest that digital ads are more effective when paired with print ads.

In this article we’ll discuss a few ways for you to harness print marketing to boost your social media.

Outsmart the “skip this ad” button

Today, we have an arsenal of methods for avoiding digital ads. Similarly, there’s no limit to the length your consumers will go to avoid ads. Promotional print marketing products like coffee mugs and t-shirts give you the opportunity for long-term exposure to your clientele. For Example, compared to a digital ad, a cup of joe from a branded mug is difficult to avoid.

Sow the Seeds for Later Purchasing

We have become increasingly discerning about our purchasing decisions. Access to information gives us the ability to compare products and read consumer reviews.  We are well-informed before we ever come close to a purchase. Moreover, 82% of 18-34-year-olds say print influences their purchasing decisions. From this, I conclude that print marketing and promotional marketing materials can drive consumers to the internet for more research. Utilizing printed materials like strategically placed fliers or brochures as the hook sends your audience to the web to learn more.

Ready, set, go viral!

Do you think that viral marketing is reserved solely for the social media gurus of the world? Think again.

By applying creative juices to the production of truly remarkable print marketing, you’ll get the benefits of combined print and digital advertising. A textbook example of this dual-medium approach to print marketing is a set of print ads KFC ran in Hong Kong. Pictures of these absurd and meme-friendly ads morphed into a viral marketing trend on social media, for KFC. Moreover, the cost was pennies on the dollar compared to an equivalent reach in the digital space alone.

Effective print marketing is  as powerful as the black and white newspaper ads of yesteryear. With commonsense marketing practices that make use of the strengths of the digital space, you can run circles around your social media-dependent competitors.


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