How Short Digital Print Runs Can Help Achieve Your Marketing Goals


Having a strong brand presence is crucial to the success of any business. Promoting your business through business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, signs, calendars, notepads, and other collateral materials creates familiarity with your brand and your target audience. The question here is: how do you produce a small order of printed materials on a budget and with your deadline in mind?

The answer: Short digital print runs.

Short digital print runs are quick, cost-effective, and allow for customization and creativity. Here’s how:

Two common forms of commercial printing include digital and offset formats. Offset printing requires multiple steps. First there is the setup of special plates often made from aluminum, which are used to transfer an image onto rubber, which is then transferred to the paper or surface. This is an excellent option for large print run, special inks, and unique papers. Offset printing is a great alternative when the print job is complex, with multiple colors and coatings.
Digital on the other hand, requires no or little setup. It’s quick and easy, and the end product is exceptional. Digital print runs are valuable when there are short print runs, and you can print quantities as low as one to 1,000 pieces. What is more exciting is that you can target your printed materials using variable data. Variable data gives you the opportunity to customize your printed piece, in the event you want to include their name and/or address.

Another advantage of digital print is that collateral materials can be printed on-the-fly. In fact, a typical digital press can produce 500 copies of a small booklet within hours. This is incredibly valuable for businesses looking to meet an upcoming deadline.
There are a few reasons why digital printing is an excellent solution. The first is that the printing presses do not require any setup and projects can be started and completed quickly and efficiently. Secondly, digital printing allows for changes to be made instantly without stopping the printing process. You will love digital printing particularly if you have those last minute changes!

Digital printing allows for easy customization to your project which, again, is called variable data printing. Let’s say you want to change the name on the front of each piece, such as “Hello Abby! Learn about a Special Savings Just for You on New Toyota Tacoma’s.” This form of personalization is a possibility with digital printing. In another example, suppose you are launching a new print marketing campaign, and want to test multiple target markets with different messages. It’s simple with digital or on-demand printing. You can easily make changes to your copy and design, without those added costs.

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