Streamlined Solutions for Auto Dealers: Harnessing Online Storefronts for Dealership Essentials


In the ever-changing world of car dealerships, success hinges on smooth operations. With the auto industry going digital, intelligent solutions are crucial. Switching to an online storefront to purchase commonly used industry-specific items and custom-branded print-on-demand items like business cards, letterhead, and forms can benefit various departments within an auto dealership – Business, Finance, Sales, and Service. Implementing a B2B online storefront from JAGUAR changes how an auto dealership works. Our platform combines real-time inventory management, easy order processing, multiple delivery options, billing, and communication in one easy-to-use website. It’s flexible, too – it can work for one or many locations.

Top Benefits of an Online Storefront for Auto Dealerships

Convenience — An online storefront allows dealership personnel to easily browse, select, and purchase the required items from the comfort of their office or remotely. This convenience saves time and effort compared to traditional purchasing methods.

Time Efficiency — A single online portal eliminates staff needing to visit multiple physical online stores, reducing time spent on procurement tasks. No more juggling various usernames and passwords. This time can be redirected towards more valuable tasks like interacting with customers or closing deals.

More Comprehensive Product Range — Our online storefronts offer industry-specific products and custom options unavailable elsewhere. This ensures that a dealership can access various items that cater to their specific needs, enhancing the overall sales process.

Efficient Inventory Management — An online platform can provide real-time inventory tracking, allowing auto dealerships to monitor stock levels and restock items as needed. This minimizes the risk of running out of essential items and ensures smooth operations.

Customization Options — JAGUAR allows dealerships to personalize their online storefront branding, product mix, and individual items. Key chains, license plate frames, and dome decals are just a few things for branding with a dealership’s logo and other specific information. We also offer print-on-demand business cards that can be personalized in real time and generate a live screen preview. This can enhance the dealership’s professionalism while maintaining brand consistency.

Streamlined Reordering — With previous orders stored digitally, reordering everyday items becomes straightforward. This reduces the likelihood of errors and simplifies the reordering workflow.

Accessibility — Online storefronts are accessible 24/7, enabling staff to place orders whenever it’s most convenient. This is particularly useful for dealerships with varying schedules and working hours.

Order Tracking — Our online platform provides order tracking capabilities, allowing individuals to monitor the status of their orders in real-time. This enhances transparency and helps with planning and coordination.

Reduced Paperwork — Purchasing items online minimizes the need for physical paperwork and manual record-keeping. This can lead to a more organized and eco-friendly procurement and inventory management approach.

Data Insights — Our online storefronts provide data and analytics on dealerships purchasing patterns and trends. This information can be valuable for making informed decisions about inventory management and future purchasing strategies and identifying potential opportunities for cost savings.

Embrace the Future with JAGUAR’s Custom B2B Online Storefront

In summary, utilizing an online storefront for purchasing dealership-related items offers convenience, time savings, cost efficiency, customization options, and streamlined processes. It empowers a dealership to focus more on customer interactions and sales activities while efficiently managing inventory and procurement needs. If you want to learn more about JAGUAR’s online storefront, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

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