The Return of Old Fashioned Promotional Marketing


Are you over age 25 and still on Facebook? If so, I have some bad news that you may want to sit down for: by Generation Z’s standards, you are officially “old and uncool.”

Generational shifts poised to change marketing practices

Tough as I know that must have been to absorb, the fact is that the generation born between roughly 1995 and 2010 has increasingly come to see Facebook, Twitter, and other legacy social media properties as the place where their parents congregate to rope them into family group chats or leave awkward comments on their posts.

Bruised Millennial egos aside, Mark Zuckerberg’s loss can be an advertising gain for savvy organizations who are strategic enough to leverage the time-honored value of good old-fashioned printed promotional marketing.

(Re)enter: Print promotional marketing

Over the last decade of Facebook’s reign, marketers, promoters and organizations have over-relied on social media to do all the heavy lifting of promoting causes, events, or just plain getting the word out. But as generational forces result in fewer and fewer high-demand eyeballs being drawn to those digital ads, the informative strengths of brochures, pamphlets, and other forms of printed promotional marketing are on track to become increasingly powerful tools for disseminating information.

Like a muscle that atrophies after resting for too long, the digital age has allowed many of us to forget the many benefits associated with print promotional marketing:

  • Longevity: While boosted digital ads play out, posters can hang in place for weeks on end, stacks of pamphlets are never in short supply in any waiting room or lobby, and printed promotional t-shirts serve as walking billboards for years at a time.
  • Diverse audience: Social media ads have made it easier than ever to micro target exceptionally specific slices of the population. Although this can be useful for niche industries and subject matter, many brands will arbitrarily throttle the reach of their messaging with this piecemeal approach to marketing. But print promotional marketing has the benefit of being served to anyone and everyone within range of the material.
  • Control: With browser configurations, smartphone optimization, and graphic size and resolution limits to worry about, you wind up losing a tremendous amount of artistic control over the content you want to promote. While guidelines for copy length and text size still apply, print promotional marketing grants you full creative control over the look and feel of your designs.

As generational shifts influence the media consumption habits of the market, employing the enduring potency of print promotional marketing ensures the reach and resonance of your brand.


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