Why Investing in Promotional Products Can Grow Your Brand


Marketing your brand requires a consistent effort. With so many ways to increase brand awareness, we want to share one of the best ways to leave a positive impression with your target audience.

Promotional products are an excellent way to market your business. Consumers who receive promotional products from you are more likely to remember your brand and form a positive reaction to your business. Here’s how:

Brand Awareness

Promotional products are an excellent way to build a memorable brand. Why? Because a majority of potential customers can quickly recall the brand on a promotional product that they frequently use. The longevity of a product’s use by a consumer creates familiarity with the brand. Whether it’s a pen, a mug, a USB drive, a bag, or any other promotional item, when a prospect or customer frequently uses or wears your specialty item, they will remember you and your company.

Think of a promotional product as an alternate business card. While business cards are an effective way to connect, specialty items that have your logo on them help strengthen your brand presence and build loyalty. When it comes time for that customer to fill a business need, they are likely to call on you and your company.

Brand Identity

Consumers often form a better impression of a company when they receive a gift. Even more favorable opinions are formed when a consumer gets a useful product that they love.

Promotional products can also be tactile. For example, if your business is a gym, offer your customers duffel bags or water bottles with your gym’s logo on them. This is an ideal way connect with their values and build your own identity; in fact, these items will be highly visable, providing the opportunity for other people to acknowledge your brand.

Return on Investment

The return on your investment (ROI) is much higher with promotional products than other types of advertising such as radio and outdoor ads. In fact, the ROI on branded products is equal to TV and print ads.

Promotional products often have a lower price tag than other forms of advertising, yet they receive a high number of impressions. An impression is when a consumer views your promotional item. Since a promotional product lasts longer than ads, your brand experiences a higher number of impressions over time, without any additional financial investments.

If your business is preparing for a trade show, event, or would like to build your brand, promotional products are an excellent and time-tested solution. As a leading supplier of promotional items, JAGUAR Graphics understands the importance of choosing the best products, at the best industry.


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